Why We Love Being A Phoenix Restaurant

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Ask any expert and they’ll tell you that location is the first thing to consider when opening a restaurant. More than the menu and the decor, you need to be located in a good spot. That’s why when we thought about where we wanted to open up Noodle Bar, it was obvious that downtown Phoenix would be our ideal location.

Some people might be confused by this.

What about parking?

Isn’t it easier to open a restaurant in one of the neighboring towns?

But the traffic!

We’ve heard it all, but we couldn’t be more in love with our location. To us, it’s perfect.

We are close enough to the excitement of the stadiums and CityScape to be convenient for anyone who is downtown, but we’re far enough away that we attract what we think are the best kinds of restaurant guests. The people who come to Noodle Bar aren’t afraid to venture off the beaten path and explore one-of-a-kind experiences found in each city.

We also love being close enough to the conference center to offer an unexpected lunch to visitors. We get the opportunity to learn more about the rest of the country and the out of towners go home with a favorite local Phoenix restaurant to visit next time they’re in town.

But most of all, we love the locals. We love being a Phoenix restaurant that the locals are proud to boast about to their friends. We love that we provide a totally unique experience that celebrates both the traditions of Italian and Japanese noodles.

We couldn’t create the kind of open, lively experience that we have if we were located anywhere else. Our restaurant doesn’t work unless it is set to the backdrop of the busy streets of downtown Phoenix.

We hope that one day we can expand our restaurant to reach different people, but we will always celebrate the first location that set the bar for excellence, quality and The Valley’s biggest community of noodle fans.

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