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The Arizona Science Center is taking action for all science-loving adults looking for things to do downtown Phoenix. The Science Center is no longer a place to bring the kids to learn- it’s a place for adults to come solo, enjoy music, a bar, live demos and meet new friends who also analyze over the nitty and gritty of emerging trends, such as altered reality.

Every third Friday of the month, Arizona Science Center invites adults only to stop by from 6-10pm and see what the science fuss is all about. Since the event starts at 6 pm, stop by for dinner at one of the city’s favorite restaurants downtown Phoenix, Noodle Bar, to savor in delicious ramen.

Check out Arizona Science Center events and themes happening this summer and fall:

June 16, 2017: This Animation is Not For Kids

Come get lost in the world of animation, ‘Get Animated: Animation Academy’. This featured exhibit is layered with altered reality. Specialty cocktails throw it back to middle school inspirations with Roadrunner and Capri Sunburns. Watermelons are bound to be exploding, and the night erupting into unforgettable memories.

July 21, 2017: Trek, Wars and Who

Sci-fi fans, you’re up. But hey, so is everybody else who never quite understood the madness behind the science fiction craze. This event exposes science fiction through the lenses and mouths of actual scientists. Grab an intergalactic specialty drink, take a tour of the solar system, compete for the best Chewbacca roar or hook up with a Wookie or an Ood. Bravery is mandatory at this event, where guests are asked to dress as their favorite Star Trek, Star Wars or Dr. Who character.

August 18, 2017: Food Science

This is a one-of-a-kind way to experience food and wine tasting- from an entirely scientific perspective. No matter where your flavor preferences lay, there is no denying the fascination of experiencing food science and gastronomy simultaneously. When is the last time you investigated molecular gastronomy through red wine caviar? Spooned your ice cream with a topping of liquid nitrogen? Understood why some plants are actually carnivorous? Can you honestly think of a more interesting way to spend Friday night?

September 15, 2017: 1987 High School Reunion Gone Bad

Nobody saw it coming, but on a dreaded night in 1987 when alumni graduated for their high school reunion, somebody was murdered; the case left unsolved. Now? You and your fellow forensic fanatics must regress to 1987 (outfits mandatory, yes) and find out what happened that fated evening. Investigate a murder room, compare blood splatters, process fingerprints and analyze handwritings. Hear clues from eyewitnesses who might or might not be reliable and decipher lies from truths until the cold hard facts lead you to an answer. This murder investigation isn’t for the faint of heart or light of the mind.

Friday, October 13, 2017: Ultimate Apocalypse

This isn’t your average Halloween party; it is significantly rawer. While enjoying a horrifyingly special cocktail, you’ll need to defend yourself in post-apocalyptic laser tag, survive attacks from animals (but really, you’ll get to learn how), and make your own gas mask. The tasks requested in this event are unnerving, to say the least, but they are bound to leave a lasting impression on your love for the season of ghosts and goblins.

Science is social, especially with the right crew. Dive into your weekend with vigor, stop by AZ Science Center every third Friday from 6-10pm and see what’s on the learning menu for the adult only event. Don’t forget to stop by Noodle Bar, the best restaurant in Downtown Phoenix, on your way for the best ramen in Phoenix! See you soon, science fanatics.

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