Upgrading Your Comfort Food Experience

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Comfort food is one of life’s great joys. And ramen is the best comfort food of all.

We all have those days where we crave something cozy that will immediately soothe whatever overwhelming thing is happening in our lives. Whether you’ve had a terribly stressful day, you’re homesick or you just don’t feel like yourself,  there is no bad day that a warm bowl of ramen can’t fix.

When we decided to make the best ramen in Phoenix, we knew that it was going to be a huge responsibility. We knew we wanted to elevate the taste and the quality for all of our guests, but there was no way we would sacrifice the comfortable, familiar feeling ramen gives all of us.

So we got to work mixing every blend of broths and seasonings we could get our hands on. We tweaked the traditional and invented unique flavor profiles we thought would surprise and delight all of our guests. In short, we made a lot of noodles and narrowed it down to our very best ramen experiences.

Seriously. To us, it’s not just a bowl of ramen, it’s a noodle experience.

Each ingredient is handpicked (and sometimes hand-made) to complement the others in a unique way. You can be sure that now matter which ramen bowl you order, it will strike the perfect balance between comforting and exciting.

It’s part of the reason why we encourage our guests to order their ramen exactly how our chefs prepare it — no substitutions. We want each of you to enjoy the same taste of elevated comfort food.

So far, it’s worked brilliantly. People visit our restaurant from all of the country (and beyond) excited to try what our chefs have cooked up. They know they can trust our expertise and our passion for noodles. They’ve heard from their local Phoenix friends that this is the place to go to when they need a little dose of comfort and a whole lot of delicious food.

We’re thrilled to deliver. Every time.

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