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The Different Types of Filled Pasta

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Have you ever thought about your love for Italian food and wished desperately for pasta dishes to never end? We come with news to make your life better: believe it or not, there are over 350 types of pasta around the world.

You heard correctly, 350! That’s almost enough dishes for a new pasta each night of the year- the year!

Take it a step further, and stretch these 350 out by serving your dishes under their names that tower over their types by four times the number.

We’re going to leave you to the decadent dishing of pasta’s many types and take a moment to discuss three of the genre’s most celebrated filled kinds of pasta: agnolotti, tortellini, and ravioli.

  • Agnolotti

Image of Agnolotti pasta, served at Italian noodle bar in Phoenix.

Agnolotti translates to Lamb’s ears, reflected in their shape of semi-circular pockets, just like lamb’s ears! They are typically stuffed with ricotta, pureed vegetables, a mix of cheeses or a mixture of all the above.

  • Tortellini

Image of Tortellini pasta, served at Italian noodle bar in Phoenix.

The beloved tortellini is shaped like a ring, just about the size you can fit around your fingers. But let us warn you- should you try to wear the tortellini, it is bound to break. No need to worry; inside the tortellini, you can find an oozing mixture of meat and cheese. Bon appetit!

  • Ravioli

Image of Ravioli pasta, served at Italian noodle bar in Phoenix.

Ravioli are shaped like squares, just a bit more than one inch on each side, which is why they might translate to ‘turnip’. Ravioli are stuffed (really, stuffed) with super soft cheese, ground meat or puree vegetables. Chefs might choose to combine several of the above ingredients to serve the perfect stuffed square.

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