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Convincing Reason to Eat More Pasta

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Pizza, nachos, wings and sub sandwiches are probably among the most beloved food items in our country. However, a very strong argument could be made to include pasta in that list. While we trail significantly behind Italians, the average American consumes over 15lbs of pasta every year. That’s a lot of pasta but the Italians eat over 50lbs of pasta every year, and there may be some good reasons as to why they do. So here are the best reasons you should consider eating a few more pasta meals this year!

Pasta is good for you
Basic pasta is made from wheat or other grains mixed with water/eggs which make it nutritious by itself, but when you combine it with healthy oils, tomatoes and other veggies, lean proteins and so on, a pasta-based meal can be extremely healthy for you. But pasta is also good for the planet. There are only a few foods that are higher on the “sustainability index” because every part of pasta’s food supply chain is sustainable and the environmental impact is very low. From harvesting to production to consumption and disposal, pasta is extremely respectful of the planet.

Pillar of one of the healthiest diets
Along with fruits, vegetables, olive oil, legumes, nuts and herbs, pasta is one of the most important aspects that make up the incredibly healthy Mediterranean diet. Recognized as one of the healthiest diets throughout the world. Benefits include potentially lowering the risk for major chronic diseases such as type II diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers and may increase longevity. All of these are great reasons to eat pasta a few more times a year!

Keeps you full longer
Due to the high starch content found in pasta, it takes a long time to digest which means you feel full longer. For those looking to cut down on the amount of food they consume, pasta is a great choice. Also, with a huge rise in obesity and diabetes in the country, pasta and other low-glycemic foods can help control blood sugar and weight. Surprisingly, pasta has a lower glycemic index (GI) than oatmeal and quinoa. While pasta often gets a bad rap about the high carbohydrate content, nutrition experts suggest that a healthy daily diet needs to contain between 45-60% of calories from healthy carbohydrates. Eating pasta will help combat that assault of your expanding waistline.

Delicious and affordable
The versatility of pasta makes it an indispensable ingredient in any kitchen or restaurant. The options for pasta are only limited by the imagination of the chef because it can be used with such a wide range of ingredients, sauces, and toppings. Another great characteristic of pasta is that it is very affordable.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Italian food culture is the sense of togetherness, family and belonging that revolves around the meals. Pasta can transverse culture, age and dietary boundaries that don’t happen with most other foods. In Italy, meals are so much more than just about putting food in the belly.

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