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Do You Know the Most Popular Italian Herbs?

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Italian cuisine may very well be one of the most popular throughout the world, and just like any other food style, the flavor and ingredients are what make it special. Herbs and spices are the backbone of each cuisine style and can completely manipulate any dish into a culinary masterpiece. There are a few staple flavors in Italian cooking that are a must.

Here are the top and most popular herbs that are used in Italian cuisine:


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Basil- perhaps one of the most iconic flavors of Italian cuisine. Basil is a fresh, warm flavor that can stand alone or be combined with others (like in pesto) to create some of the most iconic dishes.

Garlic– you’d be hard-pressed to find an Italian dish that didn’t utilize garlic in some capacity. Sauces, dressings and stand-alone cloves are essential to fine Italian cooking.

Oregano– this common favorite is popular on pizzas, sauces, and hors-d’oeuvres due to its warm, aromatic and slightly bitter taste. Dried oregano is usually the preferred choice.

Sage– typically used to season meats, this spice, dried or fresh, adds a unique woody flavor to anything it is added to.

Parsley– finally, parsley brings a cool, light flavor to the dish and is typically used to garnish not only for flavor but color as well.

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