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Noodle Bar Pasta Gives You A Tour Through Italy

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One perk of creating the mouthwatering menu at Noodle Bar PHX is being able to celebrate tradition. From Japan to Italy, people have been perfecting noodles for hundreds of years and because of them, we get to create the exceptional experience you’ve come to expect from our restaurant.

As part of our celebration of that history, we thought we’d take a tour through the regions of Italy that inspired the dishes we serve. Much like the different regions of ramen, there are no strict rules about pasta regions. But here are some basics that will give you a good understanding of where the noodles in your dish came from.


Spaghetti is by far the most popular noodle and because of that, many regions try to claim it as their invention. In fact, some regions that claim spaghetti aren’t even in Italy. And really, we can’t blame anyone for wanting to claim it. We offer three different dishes with spaghetti noodles because it’s so versatile and delicious!

Most people agree that the spaghetti noodle that we’re all familiar with comes from Sicily, which is the Southernmost part of Italy. In this region, people prefer the taste of dried pasta that is cooked with boiling water. Most people think this preference is largely due to how close Sicily is to the Arabian Peninsula, where they often use the dried noodle in their dishes. It’s rare to see the rich, egg-based pasta famous in Northern Italy in Sicily and we love that difference in tastes. It’s given us some truly delicious pasta noodles.


Speaking of Northern Italy, that’s the region you can thank for amazing gnocchi. Commonly referred to as the Italian dumpling, it’s clear why our two gnocchi dishes stand out to ramen fans. When you compare gnocchi to spaghetti, the differences are as opposite as north and south. Where spaghetti is thin and meant to be dried out, gnocchi is soft, thick and best when it isn’t dried out.

Gnocchi is most traditionally made with potatoes, but plenty of people throughout history have tried different ingredients to bring out different flavors. When you visit Noodle Bar PHX you can get our version of potato gnocchi or try our brand new beet gnocchi. Either way, it’s a dish you’ll love.


The third major region in Italy we feature on our menu is Central Italy which gave us the tagliatelle noodle. Typically this is a long, flat ribbon type of noodle served in dishes like our bolognese, which has a thick, meat-based sauce. Because tagliatelle noodles are generally porous in nature, they can soak up the sauce much better than a spaghetti noodle or other thin noodles.

If we had to choose a single dish to express our philosophy on pasta it would be the bolognese. Instead of simply noodles and sauce, it shows what can happen when they work together to create something so much more rich and delicious.

Of course there are so many more regions of Italy and noodles they’ve inspired, but this is a great base of knowledge to help you understand the Noodle Bar PHX menu and why we chose the dishes we feature. We hope you come in to taste the difference!

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