Miso soup served at Japanese restaurant in Phoenix.

Miso: Not Just Fermented Soybeans

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You’ve likely heard miso mentioned before. Miso soup is a common Japanese cuisine, but the paste is not a one-hit-wonder. Whether you were out at a Japanese restaurant in Phoenix or reading a recipe online, this bold seasoning staple in the Japanese cuisine is very popular.

Fermented soybeans do not automatically scream “yum!” but this very salty and tangy paste should be given its fair chance. Bold on its own, this seasoning is found most commonly in noodle soup recipes and can even be used in marinades and dressings.

The soy variety of miso is naturally gluten-free, but there are other options, especially in a specialty market. Miso varies in ingredients, and as a result, the colors and flavor levels vary. Other grains can be made into miso and if you are looking for a milder variety, go for the white or yellow kind.

Miso can typically be found in health food stores near the tofu or milk alternative section, but if you are looking for options, your local Asian market will carry many variations to suit your specific needs or tastes.

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