Innovation: The Key to Noodle Bar’s Success

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Usually when people mention the importance of innovation, they’re talking about cars or technology companies. They’re not typically talking about the food industry. And they’re definitely not talking about noodles. To most people, noodles have a tried and true tradition. There’s not much room for innovation.

We are not most people.

No, we’re not trying to reinvent the noodle. But we do think that there’s always room to be better. There’s always an opportunity to try a new approach our dishes. We get excited to test new techniques in the kitchen. It’s how we get better. It’s how we’ve managed to build a community of amazing regulars.

One of our favorite ways we’ve been able to innovate the experience of a noodle restaurant is maintaining excellence in both our pasta and our ramen bowls. We’re not trying to fuse them together to create a new lane. We’re choosing both lanes. We don’t favor one type of noodle over the other.

We’re creating something different by being top notch at both.

When you walk into our restaurant, you see celebrations of both Italian and Japanese cultures. When you look at our huge chalkboard to see our drink options, you’ll see sake listed next to Peroni. Our kitchen is divided into two stations to show our customers just how dedicated we are to making both kinds of noodles the best they’ve had. Each of our chefs are focused on making a particular type of noodle, not splitting their focus.

But when you open the menu, you notice the real innovation. We’re always working on keeping things fresh and adding new flavors to the mix. Just recently we surprised our guests with a new beet gnocchi. It was unexpected and a huge hit. For us, there’s nothing better than getting that reaction.

Whether we’re experimenting with new ingredients, testing what we we know or simply trying to perfect a recipe to introduce on our menu, our focus is always on innovation as a way to delight our customers. We want to earn our spot as your favorite restaurant every time you come in.

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