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How Our Guests Make Noodle Bar PHX

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The unique experience of Noodle Bar PHX is as much a priority as the quality ingredients and delicious drinks. Our restaurant’s atmosphere needs to make people want to tell their friends about us and come back as often as possible.

We’ve mentioned before that the open layout of our restaurant was intentionally designed to encourage conversations and community. But what we didn’t talk about was how much the space comes alive when our guests arrive.

The magic is hard to describe, and definitely something you have to experience in person! But we wanted to try our best to recreate a night at Noodle Bar by sharing some of the awesome pictures people have shared with us recently.


Udon know how much you mean to me #foodporn #ramen

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Udon know how #ramen makes miso happy 🍲🍲🍲#myfab5 #igersphx

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what a waste of a lovely night…

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It’s so much fun for us to see our dishes tagged in your photos and to hear the special nights you’ve had while hanging out at our restaurant. We couldn’t imagine a better group of guests!

Keep tagging us in your photos and we’ll keep serving your favorite ramen in all of Phoenix!

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