Italian gnocchi in Phoenix

History of Italian Gnocchi

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Shall we discuss where our beloved gnocchi dish comes from?

It seems there is always a battle over which Italian region gets to claim the dumplings as their own, so let’s get to the bottom of it.

First things first.

How to say gnocchi: no-key

Bravo! On the next portion of our history lesson.

Where did gnocchi actually originate?

As it turns out, no single region deserves ownership of gnocchi because each type of gnocchi is respective to its Italian heritage. Italians cook with the ingredients that naturally grow at their roots, so gnocchi constituents range across flour, ricotta, cornmeal, bread, vegetable, and semolina.

Since that’s not a very exciting answer, let’s look into some queries with hard facts.

Where does the word gnocchi come from?

Historians believe gnocchi is derived from nocca. Nocca comes from the Lombard word knohha, which means knot or walnut. Lombardy celebrated a dish called zanzarelli in the 1400s. Zanzarelli was gnocchi made of bread, milk and ground almonds. A knot and walnut both paint the image of the petite, rounded gnocchi shape.

Why is potato gnocchi the most popular type of gnocchi?

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Most connoisseurs of food in downtown Phoenix are familiar with potato gnocchi. Potato gnocchi earned its popularity when the Spanish brought potatoes back from South America to Italy in the 16th and 17th centuries.

How is gnocchi so gushy?!

True to historical testaments of gnocchi recipes, the dumplings are prepared by shaping the chosen ingredients into 2-inch long pieces and either rubbed along a cheese grater or textured with a special wooden gnocchi instrument. The texture creates all the secret holes and folds for the sauce to sink into and deliver that gooey goodness of gnocchi (remember: no-key, don’t be fooled by the guile of alliteration) in each bite.

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