Gnocchi: The Italian Dumpling

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We talk a lot about putting our own twist on traditional noodle dishes. In every dish, we could talk about the ways that we added our Noodle Bar touch, but we think the best example is our beet gnocchi.

Traditionally, gnocchi is a potato based noodle. It comes from Northern Italy (although the dumpling itself is something that spans across many different cultures). In Northern Italy, the colder temperatures provided the perfect climate to grow potatoes that were both inexpensive and delicious.

Plus, they filled everyone up quickly, which might have been their best quality.

We knew there was no way that we could have a restaurant that specializes in noodles without a gnocchi dish on the menu. And we have an extraordinary potato gnocchi that people rave about. It’s definitely a fan favorite.

But we wanted to offer something extra, something unique — something completely unforgettable by anyone who visits our restaurant.

So we created our very own beet gnocchi dish.

Although the beet is a root vegetable and the potato is technically a stem vegetable, they share similar characteristics that make it easy to recreate the perfect gnocchi noodle.  Every morning, we hand make the light, pillowy noodle and pair it with roasted mushrooms, leeks and gorgonzola fonduta. But unlike the potato,the beet gnocchi gives your dish an unexpected pop of color that no one can resist.

We know you’d be tempted to order a bowl of gnocchi no matter which day of the week it is, but if you feel like following tradition Thursday is the best day. On Thursdays, restaurants across Italy traditionally put it on special. We can’t tell you exactly where the tradition came from, but it’s something that connects all restaurants, and we love that.

So the next Thursday you can make it down to our restaurant, we’ll make sure to have a fresh, delicious bowl of beet gnocchi waiting for you!

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