Start Your Favorite Noodle Bar Meal with the Perfect Starter

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Going out to a new Italian and Japanese restaurant in Phoenix is a fun experience and provides a great opportunity to try new dishes or unique twists on personal favorites. While most people will pick a restaurant for the types of entrees that are served but finding a restaurant that serves a diverse range of exquisite dishes and appetizers is rare these days. However, the Noodle Bar in downtown Phoenix is the perfect place for noodle lovers to satisfy their cravings or to discover new favorites. Serving up classic and inventive dishes from the Asian and Italian cuisines, the Noodle Bar’s menu is complete from cover to cover.

Their unique starter plates are reason enough to come to downtown Phoenix and check out this new addition to the culinary scene that has been creating quite a buzz. Chef Marco Di Santo has expertly crafted a full menu of dishes that he poured his love and passion into, especially with the Izakaya (small plates) and Antipasto menus.

Diners will find a unique variety of specialty dishes that have been developed to compliment the dining experience. These small plates and starters are perfect for sharing or for the light eaters. While all the starters are “must-try”, these are some of the most popular ones:

Polppetas – housemade meatballs served in Pomodoro and topped with parmigiano cheese

Ravioli – handmade ravioli filled ricotta, mascarpone, mushrooms, and herbs and topped with a cream sauce

Kurobuta Sausages– glazed Japanese sausage served with yuzu aioli, crispy shredded potato, and fried leeks.

Shishito Peppers – tempura peppers seasoned with bonito sea salt and ponzu, served with yuzu aioli

To check out the full menu, visit and be sure to head downtown Phoenix for ramen the next time that craving comes!

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