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Fantastic Foods to Try in Japan (not sushi)

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Japanese restaurants in Phoenix serve much more than sushi, although that is what the average diner expects to find as the prominent menu item. Come by and try some delicious and traditional dishes here in downtown Phoenix at Noodle Bar.

Curry Rice

During the Meiji Era (late 19th and early 20th Century), Indian traders brought the curry to Japan. The spice-infused dish quickly made its way into the hearts and bellies of Japanese natives and today, it is considered a staple comfort food. While the curry might have come from the original Indian recipe, but the traditional Japanese cuisine is served much more elaborately. At a Japanese style restaurant, you can expect curry to be much sweeter than the traditional Indian curry, full of fragrance and loaded with Japanese veggies, meat or seafood.


Nabe is the heartier choice for miso soup lovers in Japan. A wintertime favorite to share, nabe is cooked in an excessively large pot where all the ingredients- vegetables, meat and seafood- gather and simmer until they’re toasty and immersed in one another’s flavor. Noodles are added only as you eat.

Nagashi somen

Nagashi is the golden answer to those days you so desperately want soup, but your body forbids it due to the extreme summer heat. Nagashi somen is cold soba noodles served ready to dip into sweet and sour sauce and slurp up to quench your thirst. The chilliest part of the cold soba noodle? It is created by using a flow of cold water to rush somen noodles through halved bamboo logs.


This classic, comforting stew is loaded with protein, beef strips, potatoes, fish stock, carrots, mirin, and sake. Served over rice, it is typically made to share and can be enjoyed cold or hot.


Enjoy this savory dish any time of the day, as it can be grilled and prepared just about any way you like, and it’s ingredients are timeless on the meal schedule. An egg batter base is cooked or prepared with cabbage, vegetables, proteins, and flour, drizzled in barbecue sauce, seaweed, a bit of mayo and fish flakes.


Onigiri are rice balls stuffed with delicate ingredients such as pickled plum, salmon eggs, fish flakes, salmon or tuna salad. After a proper stuffing, the rice balls are wrapped in seaweed, then often grilled and crusted with soy flavor and crunchy bits. You don’t have to dine out for this delicacy- you can grab it on the go just like sushi!


Japan’s most relished street food has certainly earned its reputation. The spherical fritters are crisped to perfection on the outside and oozing with goodness on the inside. Deep within is a bit octopus, the most unforgettable treat to find inside. Topped with seaweed, barbecue sauce, mayonnaise, scallions and fish flakes, these fritters are especially enjoyed as a treat before or alongside meals.


This delicious barbecue sensation in Korean-based, but evolved to flatter the taste buds of Japanese. Minimally, Yakiniku is grilled meat, but it earns its popularity through versatility. Diners at Japanese restaurants in Phoenix are served at a table with small griddles built into the table, imagine a small grill in place of a mat. Each diner gets to cook his or her meat of choice- vegetables, pork, beef, chicken, shellfish, beef tongue, chicken heart, tripe or liver- right in front of them and yet, still all indulge together.


Yakitori is a staple appetizer served at Japanese-style gastropubs. It is a skewer loaded with meat that is drenched in barbecue sauced and grilled to a light char. Depending on dinner preferences, the yakitori skewer might be stacked with pork, beef liver, chicken liver, chicken meat or beef loin.

Come try all this delicious Japanese food at Noodle Bar in Phoenix! Our friendly staff eagerly awaits introducing the finest dishes Japan has to offer.

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