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Best Live Music Venues in Phoenix

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Noodle Bar, a Downtown Phoenix restaurant, follows all the amazing events in their vicinity. With Phoenix being one of the largest metropolitan cities in the country that means there is an abundance of activities and amenities available to those that visit or call the Valley home. One of the perks, especially for music lovers, is the variety of live music that is available. Phoenix is home to a wide variety of music venues that range from stadiums that bring in A-list stars to small spots that feature local talent.

The next time you find in the mood to catch some live music in downtown Phoenix, head to one of these spots!

Valley Bar – the walk down the alley to this cozy spot may put some people on edge but the Valley Bar is the best spot to catch jazz, blues and spoken-word performances in the city. Check out the vintage arcade that is complete with Skee-ball while you listen to some incredible talent.

Trunk Space – home the annual Indie 500 (500 songs played consecutively by 100 bands), Trunk Space features music from a variety of styles including experimental. It’s known for being the best all-ages venue, which is great for the underage crowd.

The Firehouse Gallery – perhaps best-known for their full-scale production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Firehouse Gallery is home to the Share Fire Festival, which features 20 local bands on two stages.

Comerica Theatre – this place is where some of the biggest stars play when they come to town. Bruno Mars, Matchbox Twenty, and Katy Perry are just a few of the biggest names to come through their doors.

ThirdSpace – home to a weekly hip-hop night, ThirdSpace is where rap lovers can catch up-and-coming talent and hang out for a while. Trying to be true to their name, ThridSpace wants to be a social setting that people visit aside from their home and work.

Rhythm Room – the Rhythm Room tends to showcase country and blues consistently but does a fantastic job of mixing it up every now and then with punk and experimental bands.

No matter your taste in music, downtown Phoenix probably offers a few places for you to check out. Don’t forget that you’ll need to eat on your music excursion, so be sure to check out Noodle Bar downtown that serves up the best noodles in Phoenix. Featuring Asian and Italian-inspired dishes like Ramen and Pomodoro. Visit today!

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