Traditional Japanese and Italian cuisine.

Real, Authentic Japanese and Italian Cuisine in Phoenix

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In today’s culinary market, there is so much competition and pressure to offer something unique that no one else does. Authenticity has taken a back seat to the new and inventive twists on traditional cuisines. While you’ll be able to find places that claim to offer authentic cuisines but for those that know, it’s rare to find those that actually are authentic. Two cuisines that have adapted to the “new and unique” movement are Japanese and Italian. Noodle Bar in Phoenix has created a menu full of authentic (yes, the real deal) dishes that represent each cuisine to the fullest.

Based on the popular love for noodles, Noodle Bar Phoenix offers patrons the best that the Japanese and Italian cuisines have to offer.

What makes authentic cuisine?

Authentic Japanese Cuisine

When people look for authentic cuisine, they want authentic dishes that are the same as what can be found in the country of origin. Modifications happen, shortcuts are taken, and substitutions are made and when these happen the authenticity of the dish is eliminated. The unique aspect of bringing authentic food to diners is that they are able to experience that country without traveling. Food is the bridge between cultures that are often divided into many factors like language. The culture of a nation can be brought out through its cuisine. That is why some restaurants strive for authenticity because they value what the cuisine can share with diners about the story of that country through its food. For some restaurant owners, it is about sharing family traditions that have been passed down for generations. Regardless of the reason, it is easy to claim authenticity but very hard to back it up.

Noodle Bar Phoenix

Chef Marco Di Santo has created the perfect restaurant to fill the void in the highly diverse food market that is Phoenix. Crafting some of the very best traditional Japanese noodle-based dishes and Italian favorites from Naples, Noodle Bar offers patrons a unique opportunity to experience both under the same roof. Santo has impressed locals as well as Japanese and Italian travelers alike with his genuine dishes that truly capture what it means to be authentic. The menu at the Noodle Bar is filled with Japanese and Italian favorites that are sure to satisfy any and all noodle cravings that diners may have. The Noodle Bar does it right with fresh ingredients, house-made sauces, expertly cooked meats and of course, perfect noodles.

The Menu

From top to bottom, the menu at Noodle Bar Phoenix is a thing of beauty. Not a single item isn’t worth trying (at least once) because Chef Di Santo pours his love for cooking and passion for food into each and every recipe. You’ll find everything from ramen to cacciatore and even a delicious selection of starter options and small plates. A few of the menu’s authentic highlights are:

RamenBest ramen in Phoenix.

Hakata- perfectly prepared Tonkotsu broth topped with pork chashu, wood ears, red onion, scallions, marinated bamboo, and pickled ginger.

Shoyu- tender pork chashu with a six-minute egg, fish cake, bok choy, leeks, marinated bamboo, and nori.

Torigara- chicken chashu paired with fresh bean sprouts, scallions, garlic chips, poached egg, sesame seeds, and chili threads.

Specialty Noodles

Yaki Soba- Wok seared noodles mixed with fresh napa cabbage, carrots, scallions and finished with house made yaki soba sauce.


Bolognese- spaghetti noodles and meatballs covered with house Pomodoro that is topped with Parmigiano cheese and fresh micro basil.

Cacciatore- a perfectly crispy chicken thigh that is covered with house Pomodoro, peppers, mushrooms, capers, Parmigiano cheese and micro basil and plated over a pile of al dente spaghetti.

Salsiccia- fresh pappardelle noodles, sausage, peppers, red onion tossed in a fresh tomato cream sauce.

These are just a few of the authentic dishes you will find when you dine at the Noodle Bar. Without question, the Noodle Bar serves up the best ramen in Phoenix and the Valley. So, the next time you’re searching for a Japanese restaurant in Phoenix, look no further.

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