Eat perfect pasta at Noodle Bar PHX

3 Reasons Your Pasta Must Be Al Dente

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Eat perfect pasta at Noodle Bar PHX

Being a chef is much like being an artist. Everyone learns the same basic fundamentals and spends time perfecting them. But as soon as we become comfortable with those fundamentals, we all start to bend them or twist them (or sometimes throw them out the window completely) to let our creativity run wild.

It’s just more fun that way.

However, when it comes to noodles and particularly pasta, there is one rule that simply cannot be broken. All pasta must be cooked al dente.

Literally, that means “to the tooth” but what we’re talking about when we say al dente is noodles that are still firm and not mushy.  You make be thinking that’s just a preference, but here are three reasons why it’s more than that. It’s a rule.

Al Dente is Better for You

First and foremost, al dente pasta takes longer for your body to break down once you eat it. For you, that means you’ll feel fuller for longer. Of course, this means you can keep your portions in control, you won’t eat as much and you’ll get a satisfying meal that won’t leave you with hunger pains in a few short hours.

Al Dente Keeps  Blood Sugar Low

All foods we eat have an effect on our blood sugar and it’s important to choose the foods that won’t cause a massive spike in blood sugar. Pasta that is overcooked (or soft) has a higher glycemic index than pasta that is cooked al dente, which means that soft pasta creates a much higher spike in blood sugar than al dente pasta does.

When we said al dente was better in every way, we meant it.

Al Dente Tastes Better

The final reason may be subjective, but we don’t think so. Al dente pasta just tastes better. It has more texture, it complements the sauce in a richer way and it’s just a better dining experience. Whether you’re at home or enjoying a delicious pasta from us at the Noodle Bar, we promise it’s best if every pasta noodle is cooked al dente.

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